drop spindle starter kit
Cupcake Spinning Kit
Cupcake Spinning Kit
Cupcake Spinning Kit
Cupcake Spinning Kit
Cupcake Spinning Kit

Cupcake Spinning Kit

\out of stock Drop Spindle Kit with a Candy sprinkles spindle and rainbow fibre cupcakes!

Have you ever sighed looking at all those lovely handspun yarns and wished you could do it yourself? Are you obsessed with candy sprinkles and cupcakes?! Well this is the kit for you!

This luxurious drop spindle kit contains beautifully illustrated instructions that will get you off to a flying start, a handmade candy sprinkles resin drop spindle, two hand carded batts in rainbow colours and NINE fibre cupcakes - with over 100g of fibre in total!

This is a really special, colourful, unique kit. Perfect to give to that knitting mad friend of yours - kids love learning to spin too!

Your Kit:

* 50g (1.8 oz) Luxury Hand Carded Batts - made from Merino and fake cashmere (suuuper soft nylon)

* Nine fibre cupcakes in an array of colours - in pretty cupcake wrappers

* One handmade resin drop spindle with real candy sprinkles!

* Real cupcake box Presentation box

* Easy to understand instructions


Colours of fibre cupcakes may change slightly, but they will always be gorgeous, and they will always match your candy sprinkles spindle!