Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel

Kromski Minstrel


Kromski Minstrel 

The Kromski Minstrel is a beautiful, upright castle style wheel with classic Kromski design details. 

A true fairytale style wheel with pretty detailed wood turning and optional distaff. 

Double treadle with a large wheel, this wheel is perfect for smaller spaces with the vertical orifice and mother-of-all alignment. The Minstrel comes with a built- in lazy kate and comes with three bobbins. 

This wheel can spin a wide range of fibers and through many ratios. Included with your wheel are some of the most varied ratios available - ratios 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16:1, with an optional jumbo flyer which will allow you to spin the slow speeds needed for chunkier yarn at 4.5:1. 

From 2017 there will be a new super jumbo flyer for the Minstrel, which looks very exciting. More news to follow as I get it from Kromski HQ. 


  • Wheel diameter 45 cm/ 18"
  • Orifice 10mm or 3/8 inches
  • Ratios: standard 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16:1
  • Optional jumbo ratio: 4.5:1
  • Leather bearings on Maidens and Brass at Wheel hub
  • Includes three bobbins with a 120g capacity - or 4.2 ounces each
  • Built in lazy kate which accommodates two bobbins
  • Complimentary threading hook
  • Single drive with scotch tension or double drive compatibility
  • Double treadle
  • Optional distaff available
  • Made from european Birch and Alder wood
  • Oil lubricant and wrench maintenance kit
  • Weight: 5.5kg or 12lbs