Kromski Spinning Wheel Oil Bottle

Kromski Spinning Wheel Oil Bottle


Oil to lubricate your wheel for spinning.

This has a wonderful long applicator nossle, which makes oiling those hard to reach places on your wheel a doddle.

This oil can be used for any make of spinning wheel.

I advise oiling your wheel every time you go to use it. I like to oil the bobbin shaft, the treadle footmen and crank area, and around the orifice and flyer shafts if your wheel requires it. Basically, if it has a moving part, it might need oil. One or two drops per application is more than enough.

Your wheel is a machine, and machines like being oiled. So, keep your wheel in good working order and you will have a lovely smooth spinning experience. While you are oiling, make sure to look for any fluff that might have got caught!

Some wheels need the treadle hinges oiled, and some manufacturers recommend using a candle instead. Kromski recommend the use of a candle to wax the hinges.