Leaf Drop Spindle #460
Leaf Drop Spindle #460
Leaf Drop Spindle #460

Leaf Drop Spindle #460


Drop spindle for spinning your own yarn.

Larger Top whorl drop spindle made from hand poured resin and a real skelton leaf, painted bronze.

Hand made from start to finish. 

Weight: 37g
Whorl Diameter: 7.5
Shaft Length : 26 cm / 10.2 "
Wood: birch



 The leaf has left a small raised bit at the back where it lifted during the resin process, and it does have a bit of a wobble when it spins. It will still make a lovely spindle! I have reduced the price.

All spindles are handmade and tested for spinability. There might be some small dust/ marks/ or other which is due to the hand making process.