Mythical Creatures Spin-a-long box

Mythical Creatures Spin-a-long box


This is a pre order for the Mythical Creatures inspired spinning box.

Think mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies, pixies and pegasus...

Your box will be stuffed full of inspirational fibres and treasures, perfect to use during the Spin City chat group spinalong, which runs throughout December and January.

Your box will contain at least:

  • 200g of theme inspired fibre 
  • A mix of hand carded luxury batts, dyed fibres, and add ins
  • Beads, charms and an extra surprise!
  • Spinning technique guide
  • Plying thread option

Add a plying option to your order: 1) Fibre box plus 200g cone of cotton plying thread in matching colour 2) Fibre box, 200g cone and a cone of lurex thread, perfect for autowrapping or adding extra glitz when plying.