Spinning Batt
Spinning batt - Paris - art batt

Spinning batt - Paris - art batt


Simply gorgeous spinning batt

"Paris" is a divine, luxury spinning or felting batt. 

Made from hand dyed faux cashmere and firestar, with luxury fibres such as naturally biscuit coloured Blue Faced Leicester, finnsheep, grey and pink merino, black tencel and hand dyed Egyptian cotton top.


Light grey, dark grey, sugar pink, blossom pink, natural black, biscuit, charcoal, dark blossom 

This is such a gorgeous blend! The cotton adds interest. Depending on how you want to spin it, it either creates lovely, smooth little slubs if spun thicker or if you want to, spin it ultra fine! 

I've made 6, and they are in stock ready to send out.