Spinolution Bobbins
Spinolution Bobbins

Spinolution Bobbins



  • 4 oz Bobbin  - Compatible with the Pollywog, Echo & Queen Bee

  • 8 oz Bobbin - Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper, King Bee

  • 12 oz Bobbin  - Compatible with the Pollywog (not seen in video)

  • 16 oz Bobbin  - Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper

  • 32 oz Bobbin  - Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly, Hopper

  • 64 oz Bobbin  - Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly

To give you an idea of size:

The 8oz and the 16oz are the same height, with the 16oz twice as wide. 

The 16oz and the 32 oz are the same width, but the 32oz is twice as long. 

The 64oz is the same length as the 32oz, but twice as wide. 


Please note, shipping is not included in the price of these bobbins. Shipping will be £20 per spinolution accessories order, and you can add as many bobbins for that price as you like. I'll invoice you for the extra postage once you have added everything you want. This is sent directly from the US. Please have a little read of shipping info, in my policies section.