Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom
Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom

Ashford Jack Loom 8 shaft floor loom

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Ashford 8 shaft Jack loom

This is what we have all been waiting for- Jack is back! 

The Ashford eight shaft floor loom has been designed for new and experienced weavers alike. Full of exciting specifications to make weaving effortless and made from gorgeous solid birch wood, this is truly the loom of your dreams. 

This loom comes with 800 texsolv heddles, which will allow you to create a huge range of patterns, textures and fabric styles - from complicated twills, fancy overshot designs, echo weave and krokbrag, through to exciting double width fabric and much, much more. Your imagination is the only limitation.

The Ashford jack loom's weaving width is just shy of 100cm. At 38" (98cm) wide, you can make large panels for blankets, rugs or curtains, and of course you can weave fabric as narrow as you wish. You could achieve up to 196cm wide if weaving double width! 

Strong enough to weave everything from rugs through to homewares, yardage for clothing and accessories, the innovative design of this loom allows it to partially fold, even with a warp on the loom - to save valuable space in the home.

It also comes with a totally unique feature, that I've never seen on a loom before - an inbuilt raddle. This is situated on the back beam of the loom, and is set to the full weaving width, allowing you to warp quickly and efficiently. 

The "jack" style of this loom means easy to understand tie up of patterns and designs. This is the most popular type of loom worldwide, and many weaving drafts and patterns are written with a Jack loom in mind. I personally would say a jack loom is the best style of loom for a newbie floor loom weaver, as the tie up style (connecting the treadles to the weaving shafts) is logical and simplified. 

Easy to warp from "front to back" or "back to front" - both the front and back beams are removable so you can sit to thread and warp your loom which ever feels most comfortable.

Other nice features include a "shuttle race", which means that actually throwing your shuttle across your fabric feels easier and less like your shuttle will fall through your warp. There is also an inbuilt shelf, to keep all your essentials, and a lovely ratchet system, which means you can advance your weaving sitting at the front of your loom- with no need to jump up and down every 5 minutes.  

This loom comes with a gorgeous Ashford boat shuttle, threading hook, cross sticks and warping sticks which means all you need to do is wind the warp and weave! You might want to consider the Ashford warping mill or board. 

If you have previously been weaving on a table loom, this is the next step up. Floor loom weaving is considerably faster and in my option, more fun! 

I'm personally very excited to be able to offer this loom. Ashford always make high quality items and it will be built to last. Some people have told me they are still weaving on the original Ashford jack loom, made over 20 years ago. 

97cm (38")
58kg (127lb)
12dpi Stainless steel reed, 35cm Boat shuttle, 5 x Cross sticks, 10 x wooden warpsticks, 100 x Texsolv heddles per shaft
Assembled 110cm (43.3") H x 110cm (43.3") W x 100cm (39.3") D
With back beam folded in 70cm (27.5") D


  • Eight shafts
  • Ten treadles
  • 97cm (38”) weaving width
  • 12dpi Stainless steel reed
  • 35cm Boat shuttle
  • 5 Cross sticks
  • 10 wooden warpsticks
  • 100 heddles per shaft
  • Bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race
  • Easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet
  • Large rising shed
  • Friction rear brake
  • Quiet smooth parallel lamms
  • Smooth nylon shaft guides and easy shaft removal
  • Folding back beam for storage and transport
  • Built-in raddle with cap rail 
  • Removable front beam – for easy threading
  • Removable back beam
  • Handy shelf above castle
  • Quick and easy warp stick attachment
  • Tip loom on front side for easy treadle tie-up changes
  • Other size reeds available 
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