Shipping and Policies

 Shipping Rates (For policies, please scroll down) 

Shipping to the UK is £3.70

Shipping to the EU and Europe is £5.70

Shipping to the US is £7.70, heavier parcels £12.50

Shipping to the rest of the world is £8.

Shipping for heavier items such as spinning wheels will be £8 inland, sent via courier.

Shipping heavy items to europe is roughly £30-£40, and the the US/ Canada roughly £60- £70 . Any extra will be invoiced. 

Shipping Policies

Shop Products (not including wheels/looms- for those, please scroll down)

I aim to get your package wrapped up and sent out within 10 working days. If it is for a special occasion, would you please send me a little email to let me know? Please leave 20 working days for me to dispatch. This may seem like a fairly long time, but most orders are handmade to order by myself.

As I often hand-card batts to order, this can sometimes take me a little while if I have several orders to fulfil- especially if I get a rush of orders due to being featured on a blog or if there is a wool show. Please check out my festival dates on my website if you want to see when I am at wool shows. I do all the designing, making, packing, emails, admin, photographing, accounts- and more, myself. This is a one woman operation. 

Spinning wheels and weaving looms: (other shop products like batts etc, please see above)

Ashford products are dispatched in a about a week- two weeks after I place the order to Ashford HQ, Kromski can sometimes take longer depending on stock. I usually have the unfinished Fantasia wheels in stock, and the Harp loom in some sizes, please email me to confirm. Please leave four weeks for all Kromski products to arrive from HQ before delivery.

Customised wheels, including the fantasia can take up to a month to get painted, before dispatch depending on the availability of my professional painter. 

Shipping estimates for overseas for Ashford and Kromski, non Europe is roughly £60, by courier.  EU is roughly £30. 


All prices for Spinolution wheels include shipping from the USA, directly to your door in the UK, including ALL taxes and VAT***. Every wheel is dropped shipped directly from Spinolution HQ in Washington, after being handmade to order and tested by Mike - who created Spinolution wheels.  The waiting time is typically 4-5 weeks from ordering. 

*** You have two options here. 1)As wheels are sent directly to you from the USA, you will be asked to pay VAT and customs upon arrival. I will refund you these costs as they are included in the price of your wheel. This is typically around 10% of the overall price. I will refund you via paypal or shopify payments immediately upon receipt. It's a little annoying but this is the fastest, and cheapest way to get the wheel to you.

2) If you prefer less hassle, I can receive the wheel, and send it on to you for £20-£30 extra, the cost of a courier. Which I am more than happy to do, and this is the way I typically send wheels from other makers. ***

European customers are charged the same amount, which includes shipping and most taxes and VAT for most countries in the EU. Please get in touch if you need a more personalised quote, as some taxes are higher in some countries. Please also ask for a shipping quote if you want me to send it on at extra cost. 

American customers- You are the lucky ones! As Spinolution wheels are made in the USA, you are not charged shipping, vat or taxes. If you would like me to be your supplier, the price for your wheel is correct on the official spinolution website. I'll be happy to help you with your wheel purchase. 


Refunds, warranties and spare parts

Wheels and looms:

Spinolution offers a one year warranty on all wheels, which includes spare parts if there is an inherent problem with your wheel. 

Kromski and Ashford also offer spare parts up to 1 year. 

Other items

I am happy to offer a refund or cancellation within 14 days of you receiving your order.  if your order is faulty, I am happy to send a replacement. Please send back the item in an unused, unopened condition. I am afraid I cannot refund any shipping costs, including the original shipping cost of the item. 

I do not offer refunds for items not received. In most instances I will send you a replacement. 

Note on batts 

All batts are hand carded, and in most cases they are made to order. There will be slight differences in each batt made, and in some cases different fibres and colour shades may be used instead of those listed, depending on stock. Your batt will usually come out looking just like my picture. :-)