Hi! I'm Louise

I'm the creator and maker behind Spin City. Welcome to my hand made shop! 

About Spin City 

 Louise's Spin City is a treasure trove of sparkly, fluffy delights - with a myriad of rainbow dyed natural fibres collected from local English farms - which Louise combines with luxurious ingredients such as faux cashmere, soya silk, firestar, tencel and her personal favourite - glitter! Louise also hand crafts all her own drop spindles from wood or resin, where she traps real pressed flowers from her own garden inside during the hand pouring process - or found objects such as vintage lace, seashells or real candy sprinkles from her cupcake supplies cupboard.


There aren't many spinners to be found around today, but Louise likes to consider herself a rare breed!

Louise grew up in the rural Suffolk countryside where fluffy white sheep out numbered humans, and it was only a matter of time before the knitting obsessed Louise decided to take up the old age craft of spinning to satisfy her lust for wool. 

Moving to the bright lights of London aged just 18 didn't stop Louise's love and passion for the ancient countryside craft; Before you could say "Teeswater Longwool" Spin City was born in order to share her love of colour, fibre and fluff with the world and to earn a few extra pounds to pay her way through university, where she studied Textile design for her BA degree at Chelsea College of Art. 

She has just completed her Master's degree in Fashion Knitwear at the renowned Central St Martins in London, England after receiving first class honours in her previous course. 

Louise made her first drop spindle from a CD, a chopstick and a paper clip. It worked ok, but she knew she could do better!

Louise wanted to make spindles which inspired people to spin- something colourful, quirky or glittery - and now works obsessively creating spindles with miniature artworks and flower arrangements set in resin.  

Louise has just moved to the idyllic Cambridge countryside, where she spends many happy hours creating yarn on her bright pink spinning wheel and tending her vegetable plot in her cottage garden when not waist deep in gorgeous, fluffy clouds of wool. 

Spin City specialises in luxury spinning batts, unique and exciting drop spindles and hand dyed fibres. Louise takes pride in choosing only the most precious ingredients, such as the finest grade merino wools, faux cashmeres, hand dyed wild fibres, glittering firestars and angelina. All of Spin City batts and hand dyed items are sourced and dyed with the upmost love and attention to detail.

Louise has made a beginners youtube video for people wanting to learn how to drop spin! 

If you want to read more about how Louise got started spinning, take a peep at this blogpost interview on Crafts from the Cwtch: 

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