Silver Reed Knitting Machine  - SK280 -  Standard Punch Card Knitting Machine

Silver Reed Knitting Machine - SK280 - Standard Punch Card Knitting Machine


Silver Reed Knitting Machine

SK280 - Standard Guage Punch Card Model

Knitting machines supplied in the UK, with free shipping in the UK and affordable shipping rates worldwide, with full one year warranty.

Looking to skill up? Want to speed up your knitting process? Learn a new craft? Production knit? Welcome to the world of machine knitting! I'm so glad you have decided to join us.

The Silver Reed SK280 is a stadard guage type equipped with punch card technology, perfect for knitting 4 ply yarns and more in a wide range of stitch patterns. Considered the "classic" type of knitting machine, you could be wipping up Fair Ilse jumpers in an afternoon.

Set at 4mm, the needle spacing (or needle pitch) allows you to knit light DK through to 4ply and fine 2ply yarns. Perfect for hand dyed sock weight yarn, coned yarns and fine hand spun.

Housed in it's own hard case, it can pack down quickly and easily for storing when not in use, taking up very little space.

Now anyone can knit like an expert

This standard punch card machine is designed for smooth, trouble free operation and durability. Thanks to its punch card system and other advanced features, even beginners can produce expert results with the minimum of fuss. For greater flexibility, various options are available to enable you to upgrade the machine as your skills improve - such as lace and intarsia carriages, ribbing attachments, colour changers and integrated computer software for row- by - row knitting pattern instruction.

Silver Reed are the only manufacturers of knitting machines in production today. Have peace of mind knowing that spare parts, technical guidence and a full years warrenty are in place for your machine knitting adventures.

Principal Stitch Types

Fair Isle (Knit-in) - Single Motif - Punch Lace - Tuck - Slip - Weaving - Plating

Accessories Included

Instruction manual

20 prepunched cards (24 stitch repeat,)  which enable you to create a wide range of designs using the different stitch pattern fuctions.

Tool kit, which includes: transfer tools, cast on comb, row counter, weights, table clamps, latch needle, cleaning brush, mantience oil, cast on string, punch card guide, needle pushers and more all supplied in a hard case box.

My Love Of Machine Knitting

I have been obsessed with machine knitting since I was 17 years old. I choose to study knitwear at university for my BA and Masters degree, where I spent most days machine knitting. My Mother loved to machine knit, and made things on her machine while she was pregnant with me, so I blame her for my love of all things machine knitting - particually the sound of the machine as it speeds over the needles.

Knitting machines principally allow you to knit things faster and with more precision. Each row will look neat and even, giving a professional finish to your work. It's not even cheating! You are still knitting, but using a tool to help speed things up.

There is so much creativity that can be enjoyed with a knitting machine -  hand transfered lace, designing your own fair isle, textured stitches, experimenting with yarns and finishes.  If you don't feel like experimenting, pretty much all knitting patterns can be translated into a machine knitting pattern. If you feel like it, you can design your own patterns, using your own yarn stash using knitting pattern software- or good old pen, calculator and paper. Mix and match machine and hand knitting by adding hand knit ribs and trims, or use it to create large areas of knittng to add crochet or hand knitted elements to later.

Sweaters, cushions, scarves, snoods, hot water bottle covers, dresses, skirts, leggins, bags, vintage twin sets, tree cosies, cat beds, bunting,  blankets and more can all be made on a knitting machine. Great for stash busting and the satisfying feeling of getting your project finished. Come join in the machine knitting fun!