Mermaid's Hair
Mermaid's Hair
Mermaid's Hair

Mermaid's Hair

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Part of my new blended roving collection, 'Mermaid's Hair ' is a luxurious blend of bamboo, british shetland, tencel and of course, my favourite soft fibre - merino, in watery shades of turquoise, lime, burgundy and purple.

Inspired by everyone's secret wish to be a mermaid… Just imagine - clothes made from shells and hair in colourful disarray as you float through a magical underwater kingdom… perhaps it's just me!

The Bamboo in this blend is sooooo soft, and really makes this blend a little special- the tencel gives great shine!

Perfect for spinning into a gorgeous squishy yarn to knit as winter mittens, or use in nuno felting projects.

I love including british wools in my shop- Shetland wool has a fantastic history and is a really versatile fibre.

These blended rovings would make fantastic gifts!

This shade is repeatable.

If you like, I could make you a custom batch if you require more.

100-105 g.
3.5 oz