Ashford Super Jumbo E Spinner
Ashford E Spinner

Ashford E Spinner Super Jumbo


The Ashford e-Spinner Super Jumbo

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The Ashford E Spinner Super Jumbo combines all the best features of the Country Spinner 2 and the e-Spinner 3 in a super size, portable electronic spinner! It has the huge flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 and the power, versatility and portability of the e-Spinner 3 - what more could you want? Spin all types of yarn - fine yarns, chunky yarns, creative yarns, textured yarns and of course all your plying.

This is what we have all been waiting for! Jumbo capacity in a small space. Portability, function, design, and Ashford quality.

I have loved my Ashford Country Spinner for years. I use it as production wheel and to create art yarns without limitation. It's size is often something that concerns people. - this new E spinner combines the best of the Country Spinners functionality, with the ergonomics and similar size of the E Spinner 3.

Think you'll miss treadling? You won't even notice it. ;-) Perfect for those with limited space, wanting to travel or with mobility issues. I love using my E spinners when I'm feeling tired, wanting to produce a lot of yarn or if I want to take it to a friends house or a guild meeting.


  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Weighs only 3.65kg (8lbs)
  • 27mm (1⅛ins) orifice and two additional reducer bushes - 15mm (⅝ins) and 9mm (⅜ins)
  • Belt driven bobbin lead with a soft leather flyer brake
  • Convenient spinning and plying with a super size sliding hook flyer
  • Frictionless yarn guides
  • Quick and easy bobbin change
  • The e-Spinner Super Jumbo has a quiet but powerful 12 volt motor with soft start and infinitely variable flyer speed of 0-500rpm to control and manipulate the yarn. Go as slow or as fast as you want!

This wheel comes assembled with one super jumbo bobbin, interchangeble plugs and a carry bag.

- One huge 1.40kg (3lbs) capacity bobbin
- Padded carry bag
- 12V power pack with interchangeable wall plugs
- An on/off foot switch and a bottle of our spinning wheel oil


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