Ashford Country Spinner

Ashford Country Spinner


The Ashford Country Spinner 2

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This is one amazing wheel. It's got a massive bobbin capacity. It's got a giant orifice. This wheel has huge potential!

I love my Country Spinner. I use it to create all my chunky art yarns and for making larger quantities. You can fit up to a kilo of yarn on a single bobbin! 

The large 27mm orifice means you never have to worry about your yarns not fitting through your wheel. Spin locks, beads, coils, super boucle or anything else you can imagine on this wheel. 

This wheel has irish tension (which is good for chunkier yarns, as it helps to pull your yarn onto the bobbin faster) and double treadle action. It has space for two extra bobbins on the built in lazy kate. 

Even though the ratios are fairly slow, you can still spin other types of yarn easily. I have made fine four ply weight yarn on this wheel with no trouble, and there is an orifice reducer kit availible which is a nice bonus for spinning fine yarns.

This is a wheel for art yarn enthusiasts, dreamers or those who want to spin a lot of yarn! 

Comes in unfinished wood, and ready for you to assemble. A lacquered option is also available. 

Assembly is easy to follow with the included illustated instructions, which guide (even novices!) step by step.


New 3 speed bobbin with easy 3, 4 & 5:1 ratios and capacity of up to 1kg 2.2lb.

New polyurethane con-rod joints for smooth heal & toe treadling.

Wider spaced treadle boards.

Ball bearings and double treadle allows for an easy start and treadling.

Arched rails and factory assembled sides are easily assembled with bolts and barrel nuts.

New maintenance free Polyurethane hinges for smooth & effortless treadling.

Soft leather brake band and sensitive tension adjustment.

Huge 27mm - 1 1/16” flyer orifice for really thick yarns.

Provision for plying from 2 bobbins.

New nylon universal bearings for the con rod.