Cinderella's Slippers
Cinderella's Slippers

Cinderella's Slippers

Part of my new blended roving collection, 'Cinderella's Slippers' is a luxurious blend of Wensleydale, Corriedale , silk, angelina and of course, my favourite soft fibre - merino, in brightly dyed shades of ice blue, magenta, Turquoise and lilac

Inspired by the most desirable of all shoes- Cinderella's glass slippers! Who didn't want a pair of those as a kid?!

This is my first blend with wensleydale fibre in - which is a British Longwool breed - perfect for lace spinning!

I love including british wools in my shop- Wensleydale wool has a fantastic history and is a really versatile fibre, not too mention its gorgeous lustre and shine!

These blended rovings would make fantastic xmas gifts!

This shade is repeatable.

100 g.
3.5 oz

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