Kromski Fantasia Jumbo Flyer
Kromski Fantasia Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer

Fantasia Jumbo Flyer


Fantasia Jumbo Flyer and Art Yarn Flyer

Give your Fantasia wheel a Jumbo upgrade! Spin bulky, make beautiful art yarns or get a bigger plying capacity with this simple accessory. 

No need for complicated adjustments, changing flyers is as easy as changing a bobbin. Just slide it on! 

This kit comes with a Jumbo Flyer & Jumbo Bobbin. The Jumbo Whorl that is included in this kit allows 4 and 6 :1 ratios. Also, included are 4 Jumbo sliding hooks, a tension spring set, and a small allen wrench.

The jumbo flyer also works with any of the Fantasia whorls - so for example you could use the "super fast" whorl and spin lace for days with your jumbo bobbin and flyer attached. 

I've created lots of lovely yarns using this attachment- I've spun Lock yarn, corespun, super thick in thin, and I've also enjoyed using it to ply larger amounts. 

Extra jumbo bobbins are available.