Jumbo Minstrel Flyer Set
Jumbo Minstrel Flyer Set

Jumbo Minstrel Flyer Set


A bigger size flyer with orifice 18 mm for jumbo bobbins.

The set consists of flyer, 1 jumbo bobbin and front maiden post.

The ratios for Minstrel: 4 and 6 : 1


- unfinished

- finished clear

- walnut

- mahogany


These accept the standard "jumbo" size bobbins from Kromski, and are fantastic for plying and art yarns. 

In 2017 Kromski are launching another kind of jumbo flyer, called the "super jumbo" which looks very exciting, with an even bigger oreifice, sliding hooks and capacity for super jumbo art yarns. More updates to follow as I get them! 

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