Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel
Walnut Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel

Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel


The Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel 

The Fantasia is a wonderful spinning wheel for beginners and seasoned spinstars alike. Full of impressive design features at an affordable price - perfect as your first spinning wheel.

I searched high and low to find a great wheel for beginners or those on a budget. I wanted to find a wheel that was affordable, easy to use, beautiful and with the ability to upgrade the basic set up at a future date - and this was the winner! 

The Kromski Fantasia offers double treadles and scotch tension. It comes with three bobbins and built in Lazy Kate.  The standard bobbins hold an impressive 120g of fiber and are easy to access and change too - simply pull off the front of the flyer, which is held on magnetically.

It comes set up with two classic ratios, 5, and 8 to 1 (the most popular ratios for spinning yarn) and has the capacity to accept other whorls to take you all the way up to an eye watering 20:1! You can also buy a separate jumbo attachment, with large bobbins and art yarn capability. The wheel is slightly weighted, which helps you keep the momentum going.

Although it doesn't fold, it's upright design looks neat and tidy and stores away easily against a wall, and fits into the back of a car. 

It is the cheapest double treadle wheel on the UK market - all for the bargain price of £250.

The Fantasia can come unfinished or with a clear lacquer finish for a little extra. Why not use the opportunity to make your wheel unique with your own colour scheme? The 'Unfinished' wheel is mostly made from European Birch and Alder, with an MDF wheel. The 'Finished' wheel part is complete with Alder wood veneer. 

If you need a little help with some of the jargon, please feel free to get in touch or take a look at my blog post which explains some of the common terms. 


  • wheel diameter 46 cm
  • Scotch Tension
  • Double Treadle
  • orifice 10 mm
  • ratios: 5 and 8 to 1
  • Additional ratios available: 10:1, 14:1,  18:1,  20:1
  • Additional Jumbo flyer available
  • plastic bearings on bobbins
  • ball bearings on wheel
  • ball bearings on flyer
  • sliding hooks on the flyer
  • included threading hook and on-board Kate
  • 3 bobbins included, full bobbin 120g
  • made of European alder and birch and MDF
  • weight 7 kg
  • Different finishes available