Toika Eeva Weaving Loom
Toika Eeva Weaving Loom
Toika Eeva Weaving Loom

Toika Eeva Weaving Loom


Toika Eeva weaving loom.

Toika are renowned for their craftmanship and beautiful looms. The Toika Eeva is a stunning traditional Scandinavian loom for weaving everything from light fabric to heavy rugs. 

Eeva is most popular as a countermarch loom, but can be equipped in a counterbalance configuration. 

The large side opening allows for easy access to warp and tie-up. Weaving feels light and effortless, you get large, clean sheds, the motion is quiet and complex patterns are at your finger tips with the countermarch tie up.

The included cog wheel warp system allows easy control of warp tension and release without leaving the bench. The warp beam, complete with holders, can easily be detached from Eeva without the need to dismantle the loom. The Eeva is usually equipped with a hanging beater, but an underslung can also be ordered.

Eeva is available in weaving widths 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm (31 1/2", 39 3/8", 47 1/4" and 59"). Eeva can be equipped with 4, 8 or 12 shafts (16 on order). Normally the number of treadles is the same as amount of shafts, but a different amount of treadles is also possible. Additional options include computer control, double warp, back beam and fly shuttle device.

You could upgrade this loom to weave with up to 32 shafts with the Toika computer control unit. You can also add:

  • Standing Beater
  • A second warp and back beam
  • Sectional warp beam or sectional warp rails
  • A flying shuttle system
  • Extra reeds and heddles
  • An adjustable height bench
  • Warp sticks
  • Extra treadles