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Toika Liisa Weaving Loom


Toika Liisa Weaving Loom

The Toika Liisa is an iconic loom. Made in a family run factory in Finalnd from locally sourced palest white birch, it's "mid-centry modern" design makes it one if the most stylish floor looms availible. Many modern weavers are choosing to use Toika looms beacuse of thier beauty, affordability, production potential and unpararrelled technological advantages. 

It has all the power of a tradional Scandinavian loom, but takes up significantly less floor space. Perfect for home weavers, studio artisits or production weavers who want a solid loom but without a huge amount of space.

The Liisa is descended from the original Toika and is a solid and reliable countermarch loom. The Liisa is sturdy enough for a steady diet of rugs, yet gentle enough for a sheer transparent fabric.

The Liisa is a countermarch loom available in weaving widths 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm (31 1/2", 39 3/8", 47 1/4" and 59").

The Liisa can be equipped with 4, 8 or 12 shafts (16 on order). Normally the number of treadles is the same as the amount of shafts, but a different number of treadles is an option. While the Liisa is usually shipped with an underslung beater, an overhead beater kit is available as an option. 

The Liisa is delivered with a standing beater and a Liisa bench. The Liisa bench is standard on the Liisa although the adjustable Eeva bench may be substituted.

The Toika Liisa can be fitted with a variety of supplementary items of equipment, including the computer dobby attachment, for weaving up to 16 shafts, more with a special adjustment of the loom. The Toika Computer dobby attachment is unparralled in the industry. Please see my separate listing describing the Toika computer attachment options.

This loom is made and shipped directly from the factory in Finland, so please allow up to six weeks for manufacture, then delivery.

Loom includes 50 texsolv heddles per shaft, full polyester tie up kit, beam aprons and your choice of reed (up to a size 50/10.)